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DELPHIN wäscht die Luft mit Wasser und L-Lamella

In order to bind dust, dirt and allergens safely in the water, we invented and patented the L-Lamella!

The L-Lamella rotates in the area of the water with 20000 rpm and intensely whirls the water. By doing that, the water surface is being enlarged enormously so that not only dust but also smallest allergens, yeasts and even toxic evaporations, such as formaldehyde, are being bound safely in the water.

The second task of the L-Lamella is to separate the water and the air again. The special shape of the L-Lamella as well as the centrifugal force plays an essential role in this process.


Due to the field of application to clean the air, a special wear-free engine was developed. This brushless engine accounts for a long lifespan of the device even when used for hours-long tasks such as air cleaning or in the commercial sector.


  • Precise emission of air with chambers for swirling to optimize the air circulation in the room.

  • Only one switch with continuously variable power control – this saves electricity and, in accordance to the requirements, makes the device pleasantly quiet.

  • There are no varnished parts on or in the DELPHIN. Even the packaging is painted in environmentally friendly watercolours.