Clean spell!

DELPHIN wäscht die Luft mit Wasser und L-Lamella

For us, clean spell stands for a room that lastingly stays fresh and free of dust and dirt. Furthermore, you not only clean surfaces but also the air with DELPHIN.


Until now, vacuum cleaners, dusters, microfibre cloths and brooms are used to clean in households. When you clean while the sun is shining through your window, you will notice that the dust only gets whirled up and everything is dusty again very quickly. It is similar on smooth floors.
Even though you mop often, joins become dirtier and dirtier every time because you mop the increasingly dirty cleaning water into the joins. The unpleasant result: The water evaporates and the dirt remains.


For the dust to be removed out of the air as well, the DELPHIN washes the air in the background every time you use it. Smooth floors are vacuumed, mopped and dried in one step. Every centimetre with fresh water!


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