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Milben und Milbenkot verursachen oft allergische Reaktionen

The description of house-dust allergy is a sensitization as well as allergic reactions to dangerous combinations or rather mixtures of chemicals, bacteria, faeces of house dust mites and other harmful substances that accumulate in house dust and can trigger many different harmful effects on one’s health. Thereby, the following symptoms, among others, may arise: continuous rhinitis, sneezing attacks, itching eyes, swollen and watering eyes, a sore throat, itching ears, an itchy or swollen nose or throat and asthmatic reactions such as cough-variant asthma.

Over the years, allergic rhinitis can become true asthma. This reaction of the immune system, which is an allergic reaction called type I (immediate hypersensitivity), is not triggered by house dust per se but by the faeces of house-dust mites living in house dust. The so-called P1 antigen is probably the most important allergen here. These mites, especially the Dermatophagoides pteronyssinus and the Dermatophagoides farinae, can only be seen through a microscope and feed on skin particles (Dermatophagoides = skin eater) which every human sheds about 1.5 grams of, each day.


Therefore, experienced doctors recommend avoiding contact with this allergen.
The DELPHIN reliably removes allergens and mites out of the air, off surfaces and out of mattresses.


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