Mopping is smearing!

Wischmopp, Staubtuch, Besen, Putzeimer, Mop, Feudel, Putzbürste

Sure, water binds dust! The dust is bound in the water when you are dusting with a wet cloth or mopping. Great, but what about the water that remains in the form of residual moisture after you mopped?


You can see the result beautifully when the light in your kitchen falls on the ceramic hob.
You get the same result when you mop the floor or use a wet cleaning cloth on cupboards or TVs. The dirt is mostly just being smeared.
Mopping hard floors is particularly hard work since you often have to vacuum before mopping and then later have to wait until everything is dry again. Of course you had to change to water in between.


You will get a clean spell with DELPHIN! Here you clean every centimetre with fresh and clean water in one step. Obviously you can also use cleaning agents for persistent dirt.


There is always an easy way!

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