So this is steam cleaning.

Dampfreiniger verschwenden Energie und enttäuschen im Reinigungsergebnis. Viel Dampf um Schmutz!

What you already know about steam:

  • Steam is water that has been heated to over 100 °C and is, therefore, in a gaseous state. Cold steam is water!

  • Steam changes material, e.g. while ironing, wrinkles are smoothed, or wood is being permanently bent with steam. Endangered materials: wood, cloth, plastic leather, wool...

  • If heat is supposed to kill germs, then it needs to work longer.


How can steam clean?

  • Due to the different expansion during warming up, one material blasts the other away. Take caution that the bedrock is heat resistant.

  • Some materials melt with heat, such as fat or wax. Unfortunately, the materials harden again after cooling down. Hopefully not in the hose, collection container or drain.

  • Let the steam cool down so that the resulting water can clean. One question: Why should I use a vast amount of energy to make steam out of water, if I have to wait until it has cooled down again?


Our conclusion: steam changes materials – water cleans! Just take a look at washing machines and steam irons.


Make a decision: Do you want to change or clean the materials in your home?


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