Innovative details for real life.

DELPHIN wäscht die Luft mit Wasser und L-Lamella

The technicians, who create the unique innovations for us in their own in-house development department, work with DELPHIN at home themselves.

This leads to new developments from real life for real life!.


  • The DELPHIN is small, light and easy to handle. Dimensions: (l/w/h) 30cm/30cm/ 41cm (with chassis: 39.5cm/33.5cm/47.5cm).

  • The DELPHIN acts preventive towards germs and bacteria with its self-drying unit!

  • There are no filters, bags, foams or other materials installed that could slow down the air circulation.

  • The patented L-Lamella accounts for the dust binding optimally in the water.

  • The accessories are placed openly and close at hand on the DELPHIN.

  • We built a specially developed wear-free brushless engine with a 10 year-guarantee* into the DELPHIN DP S8.

  • A hose with an incorporated electric cable. This hose can also absorb water!

  • The patented detection sensor technology is unique worldwide. It automatically regulates the power during the cleaning of carpets and mattresses.


*For private use